5 Easy Ways to Practice Yoga all Day


One of the things I love about yoga the most is how it extends to all areas of your life if you will allow it to.  Breath, awareness, stillness, peace.  Once you can let it in it will begin to create a positive flow of energy that can enhance your life experience.  Here are 5 easy ways to incorporate your yoga practice into your daily life.


1: Set a Mantra: Everyday set a new intention, something that resonates with you for that day.  It can be anything like “Today will be great” or “I will relax and let things go today.”  Just remind yourself of it when you feel stressed or need support.


2:  Be aware of your breath: In posture practice we are taught to focus on our breath.  Do you notice how your breathing will change during practice when it gets challenging?  You begin to use your knowledge of breath regulation to bring your breathing back to a steady place.  In our daily lives things happen that can cause a physical response such as stressed breathing.  If you begin to feel anxious, notice your breath, and focus on breathing in and out slowly.


3:  Bring Calming Elements into Your Life:  Adding things such as incense, essential oils, soft music, adding a zen vibe to your home decor can affect your mood greatly and bring a higher quality of everyday living.


4:  Posture PractIce:  Become aware of your posture.  Back straight, shoulders relaxed.  Try and check in with yourself a during the day, just a quick, mental reminder.  If you sit at a desk, try switching out your desk chair for a yoga ball.  It will help to strengthen your core and help with fatigue.


5:  Clean Eating:  Adding more healthy, whole foods to your eating routine will help with overall energy and clarity.  Try to add more fruits and vegetables to your diet as well as cooking from scratch with healthy ingredients.

What are some ways you practice yoga all day?


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