4 Ways to Beat the Winter Blues

During the winter, as the days get shorter, we have a tendency to feel depressed or low on energy.  Especially after the holidays are over; sometimes we need to take better care of ourselves and make time to work on our mood. 

4: Take Care of Yourself 

Try to create positive things to do when you feel like sitting around or indulging in junk food.  Meditation, yoga, hiking, reading, exploring different mediums of art, or creating something can help boost your mood.

2: Create a Routine 

Find something you really love and set a day and time during the week so you have something to look forward to.  It can be extremely simple but bring you joy.  If you need to find many things. 

3: Get Outside

Sunlight plays a huge part in our lives and its lack of in winter can bring your mood way down too.  Try running out into the Sun and soak it up for a few minutes, even if it’s cold, you’ll thank yourself for it.  Sunlight triggers our brain to produce seratonin and keep your circadian rhythm balanced. 

Photo by: Bohemian Diesel

4: Socialize

Being inside all of time can bring you down, try seeing your friends and family, have people over, check out an art show, go to lunch, anything to get you out and appreciate your relationships and the season.  

What are some things you do to beat the winter blues?

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