Rose water + Pink Clay Soap

Supplies Needed:

1/2 cup soap base

2 tablespoons rose water

2 tablespoons jojoba oil

1 tablespoon pink salt

1-2 tablespoons pink clay

Step 1: Cut soap base into cubes and melt them in a microwave-safe bowl. Use short 15-30 second bursts until fully liquified.

Step 2: In a separate small bowl, combine rose water with clay and salt. Stir until clay dissolves.

Step 3: Add water and oil to the melted soap and stir vigorously until soap thickens.

Step 4: Pour soap mix into mold and let harden. If you don’t have a soap mold, use a tupperware container or milk carton. When cool, remove soap from mold and cut into bars.

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