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4 Ways to Improve Your Morning Ritual

Having a morning ritual can make waking up easier and more calming every day here are some tips and things that you could do or add to your own morning routine ❤️ 

Adding candles and lights that you can turn on or spark to life when you wake up in the morning will help bring a sense of calm back to your environment.

Allow yourself time and a quiet space to eat your breakfast and make sure to eat something warm and grounding especially in the winter time.

Adding yoga to your morning ritual can be extremely beneficial your body and mind, even if it’s only for 30 minutes.  Try yoga that is gentle, especially if you’re a beginner, since your body is just beginning to wake. 

Adding a warm and relaxing bath or shower in the morning, beginning with an oil massage can leave you feeling blissful all day.

What are some of your morning rituals?

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