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Yoga Mudras to Open the Heart

Hand Mudras are an amazing way to expand your practice and bring to your aura and chakras a specific flow of energy that you need at the time.  Depending on which hand mudra you choose will decide on the type of healing energy you invite in.  Try to find a nice quiet place to practice or if you’re around children, maybe teach them as well.  Here are a few hand mudras to open your heart chakra.

handmudracourageheartCourageous Heart

Abhaya hridaya mudra in Sanskrit.  To Practice, place your hands in front of your heart, release any fear or doubt by feeling the awakened presence emanating from your heart.

handmudrasconciousheartHeart Consciousness

Hridaya mudra, “Heart Consciousness.” After getting your fingers in position, lower your hands to your thighs, and feel the calming, heart-generating energy.

handmudrasunSolar Radiance

Surya mudra, “Solar Radiance.” Experience the activating energy of the sun in this simple hand mudra.

Try any one of these hand mudras after you practice yoga to prepare the body for sitting in stillness.  Notice how your breath and body feel afterward.

Have you ever tried to add hand mudras into your practice?

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(Source: Spirituality & Health)


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