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5 Tips to Glowing Skin

Winter is crazy notorious for depleting our skin and it can feel as though your constantly doing damage control from the harsh weather.  Having an easy skin care routine to combat the winter skin blues can be a lifesaver.  Here are 5 tips to prep your skin for Spring time 💕 1: Stay Hydrated Water… Continue reading 5 Tips to Glowing Skin


Flower Petal Body Scrub

With spring right around the corner its time to start a healthy skin care routine, here is a beautiful DIY body scrub recipe to get your skin glowing. You will need... 500g / 2 cups coarse sea salt or granulated sugar 240ml / 1 cup oil (olive oil, coconut oil – melted and sweet almond… Continue reading Flower Petal Body Scrub


DIY•Pressed Flower Coasters

Materials — 4 x 4-inch glass tiles — dried pressed flowers — 1/4-inch copper tape — E6000 glue Instructions: 1. Arrange the flowers on top of four of the glass coasters. 2. Secure the flowers down with a small dab of E6000 glue. 3. Sandwich the flowers with another glass tile. 4. Trim a 16.5… Continue reading DIY•Pressed Flower Coasters


Rose water + Pink Clay Soap

Supplies Needed: 1/2 cup soap base 2 tablespoons rose water 2 tablespoons jojoba oil 1 tablespoon pink salt 1-2 tablespoons pink clay Step 1: Cut soap base into cubes and melt them in a microwave-safe bowl. Use short 15-30 second bursts until fully liquified. Step 2: In a separate small bowl, combine rose water with… Continue reading Rose water + Pink Clay Soap


DIY Hanging Shelf

SUPPLIES NEEDED Pallet 8 wood screws Rope 4 Screw eyes TOOLS NEEDED Power drill Drill bits Pry bar Hammer Saw STEP ONE Dismantle the wood from your pallet. This part can be tricky, so flex those muscles, grab a hammer and a pry bar and get to work. After you’ve pulled at least four wood… Continue reading DIY Hanging Shelf